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Personal Training

We offer personal training for individuals, couples, mums, small groups and corporate.  Our personal training programs and training plans are specifically designed for you based on your goals, challenges, experience, likes, dislikes and circumstances.

We understand that everyone is different and wants different results so our personal training sessions are different for everyone. It is our goal to support and guide your through your training and educate you on your body and the exercises you are doing.  We believe that to achieve long term sustainable health it is essential to not only enjoy exercise but to understand how it impacts and affects the body and your health.

We have a team of highly diverse trainers that are passionate and excited to work with you.  As a team of trainers we specialize in the following areas;

  • Weight loss, fat loss and body toning
  • Body sculpting and muscle development
  • Fitness testing, skin folds and health assessments
  • Postural realignment, core strength and injury rehabilitation and prevention
  • Athletes and sports specific strength and conditioning
  • Pre and postnatal exercise
  • Boxing and kickboxing for fitness
  • Kettlebell training
  • Youth and teens
  • Mature adults
  • People with disabilities
  • Diabetes and cardio-vascular health

Personal Training Session are 30-45 min and range from $45 - $75 

Contact us to book your FREE personal consultation to talk about a package that best suits you.

"I joined Sheer Transformations looking for a private studio that could give me the personal attention I needed to achieve my goals.  What I didn't realise is that I would get so much more.  Sheer Transformations trainers and the members have changed the way I train and and think about exercise.  The constant support and coaching is without a doubt the main reason I was able achieve higher than my own expectations.My trainer knew how to keep me motivationed and accountable for my training and nutrition.  Thank you Sheer Transformations you have changed my life".  Kathryn- Member

Contact us today to book a FREE one-on-one health and fitness consultation with one of our amazing personal trainers.  


VIP Membership


Sheer Transformations training pack

Open Gym Membership

Wholesale prices for all YouFoodz and Modere products

Free entry to six workshops per year

Free entry to four Sheer specialty classes per year

Half price entry to four challenges per year

Monthly Structured weigh in’s

$50 Nutrition Consultation Voucher





12 months - Paid in Full



6 months – Paid in Full



Casual – Weekly/fortnightly or monthly payments



Open Gym Times




6:00 – 6:30

5:00 – 7:15


6:00 – 9:30

5:00 – 7:15


6:00 – 9:30

5:00 – 7:15


6:00 – 9:30

5:00 – 7:15


6:00 – 9:30



8:00 – 9:00


2018 Workshops (Included)

  1. Goal Setting – Saturday January 20th (Get a goal)
  2. Nutrition – Saturday February 17th (Get healthy)
  3. Mindset – Wednesday April 4th (Get your head in the game)
  4. Neck, Shoulder, Back – Saturday June 9th (Get it right)
  5. Superfoods and supplements – Saturday July 28th (Get Super)
  6. Mindset – Wednesday October 3rd (Get organised)



Click to view our  Classes & Timetable

Our classes offer extreme value by giving you the opportunity to incorporate a variety of training styles into your weekly exercise regime for just $29 per week.  Our classes have a maximum number of participants to ensure you get the attention and support you need each time to achieve your best.  Each class is programmed to accommodate for all fitness and experience levels from beginner to advanced so you never have to miss out.  

By attening our classes our members;

  • Lose weight and tone up
  • Greatly increase fitness levels and cardio-vascular endurance
  • Build and tone muscle
  • Increase strength and mobility
  • Improve posture, stability and balance
  • Build lasting friendships

Our classes include;

  • Weights and Strength training
  • Core, Balance and Flexibility 
  • Cross training 
  • Boxing and Kickboxing
  • Circuit training
  • Kettlebells
  • Power training
  • Running and Plyometrics
  • Interval and Tabata training

We also off casual classes for $20 per class and 10 class passes for $150. 

"Fantastic Gym.. love the classes, the personal training, the atmosphere. something to look forward to every time i go.  It's like family.  Come along a join a class it's worth every minute"  Maggie Ewen - Member

"There is not the feeling of intimidation or that you are just another 'number' that you feel when in a mainstream gym.  The group classes are excellent.  The trainers know each and every member and are able to not only provide technique coaching throughout the class but also create different options for those who need it".  Kathryn - Member

Take advantage of our One Week FREE Trial today to see how you caould enjoy all these benefits.



2018 Workshops

Get a Goal - Sat Jan 20TH (Mindset)

Get Healthy – Sat Feb 17th (Nutrition)

Get your head in the game – Wed April 4th (Mindset)

Get it right – Sat June 9th (Neck, Shoulder, Back Focus)

Get Super – Sat July 28th (Super foods and supplements)

Get organised – Wed Oct 3rd (Mindset)


2018 6-Week Challenges

Challenge #1 – Get rid of unwanted Fat

February 5th to March 18th 

Challenge #2 - Get Strong

April 2nd to May 12th

Challenge #3 – Get Healthy and feel great

July 2nd to August 11th

Challenge #4 – Get consistent

October 1st to November 10th


Pregnancy / Mums and Bubs

Try your first session or class FREE



Maintain your strength and fitness with safe and effective exercise.

Prepare and strengthen your body for birth.

Meet other mums-to-be and exercise in a fun and relaxed environment.


Mums and Bubs Personal Training

Regain your strength, energy and fitness after birth.

Ease back into exercise safely with a qualified trainer.

Rebuild your pelvic floor.

Fun and flexible classes with your bub.


Sessions Included;

  • Pelvic floor and core
  • Fitness
  • Weights and strength training
  • Nutrition supplements for pregnancy and weight loss
  • Studio floor classes
  • Park bootcamp sessions

Contact Maggie to book your first class free HERE

One on one personal training $45 - $65 per session
Casual Class $15
10 Class Pass $125
Unlimited Class Membership from $26/week
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0415 371 587 or 07 3361 7967

The Sheer Transformation Difference

Sheer Transformations is a safe space and a family of new friends working on
personal challenges and creating positive results in their life everyday through health,
fitness, education and personal growth.

With us, it’s not just fitness it’s personal!


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