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Personal Training

Our team of Persoanl Trainers offer over 20 years of experience and a extensive range of qualifications and training.  We can guarantee we have a trainer perfect for you.

We offer personal training for individuals, couples, mums, small groups and corporate.  Our personal training programs and training plans are specifically designed for you based on your goals, challenges, experience, likes, dislikes and circumstances.

We understand that everyone is different and wants different results so our personal training sessions are different for everyone. It is our goal to support and guide your through your training and educate you on your body and the exercises you are doing.  We believe that to achieve long term sustainable health it is essential to not only enjoy exercise but to understand how it impacts and affects the body and your health.

We have a team of highly diverse trainers that are passionate and excited to work with you.  As a team of trainers we specialize in the following areas;

  • Weight loss, fat loss and body toning
  • Body sculpting and muscle development
  • Fitness testing, skin folds and health assessments
  • Postural realignment, core strength and injury rehabilitation and prevention
  • Athletes and sports specific strength and conditioning
  • Pre and postnatal exercise
  • Boxing and kickboxing for fitness
  • Kettlebell training
  • Youth and teens
  • Mature adults
  • People with disabilities
  • Diabetes and cardio-vascular health

Personal Training Session are 30-45 min and range from $45 - $75

Sheer Tranformations studio is open for Personal Training by appointment Monday to Saturday, 5am - 8pm.

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Why should you work with a PT?

  1. Do you want results quickly?

  2. Do you want to be pushed past what you think is possible? This can be done in a safe and controlled environment by a profession who can teach and share with you specialist exercises, training knowledge and experience.

  3. Do you need to be held to account?  To show up, do what is necessary to get and stay on track! Do you want to stop breaking promises that you’ve made to yourself about your exercise commitments and goals.

  4. Do you want to work with a real person who actually cares about you, want you want, and what your challenges are? Someone who will always support and motivate you, someone who will lift you up, challenge your thinking and continually encourage you to do, be and have more?

If you answered yes to any of these questions you would benefit from a Personal Training session.  Book yours today!

Take a look at some of our exercising tips! Click here to view document.

Personal Training

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Call Our Friendly Team Today
0415 371 587 or 07 3361 7967

The Sheer Transformation Difference

Sheer Transformations is a safe space and a family of new friends working on
personal challenges and creating positive results in their life everyday through health,
fitness, education and personal growth.

With us, it’s not just fitness it’s personal!


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