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Step Into Summer

2018 Workshops

Get a Goal - Saturday January 20th (Mindset)

Get Healthy – Saturday February 17th (Nutrition)

Get your head in the game – Wednesday April 4th (Mindset)

Get it right – Saturday June 9th (Neck, Shoulder, Back Focus)

Get Super – Saturday July 28th (Super foods and supplements)

Get organised – Wednesday October 3rd (Mindset)


Health Mastery Seminars

Quantum leaps in performance and results

Transformational Experience

The only one of it’s kind

Do you need a breakthrough in you fitness, diet, health? Have you lost motivation or feel it’s all too hard? Do you need a new way of thinking that will inspire you to take control and take action today?

Our promise by then end of the weekend is that you will be:

  • 100% in control of your health and your life
  • Powerful and unstoppable in the face of any circumstance
  • Effective in breaking down barriers and limitations
  • Empowered and inspired with a burning desire and a new lease on life

Health Mastery Core Program is a three day retreat style, residential training program that focuses on nutrition, training and mindset. You will stay on site and all food and accommodation is included for the three days.

Maggie-Laurie, co-owner, developer and lead facilitator in Australia, has been an elite athlete and personal trainer for the past 10 year.  Through the success of her personal training business she has become a highly sought after personal trainer, health coach and business owner.  With her knowledge, education and experience she has coached and trained a diverse range of people in creating extraordinary results in their life.
Nancy Dean, co-owner, developer and lead facilitator runs the program in the United States.  Nancy has over 30 years experience in the area of transformation, personal development and growth and has worked with thousands of people all over the word.
Over the course of the 3 days some of what you will learn is;
  • You will begin to transform your relationships with food, your body and how you see yourself and what's possible.
  • Uncover limiting belief systems that cause self sabotage in you health and your life.
  • Create your next step and begin developing a structure for fulfillment.
  • Begin to understand the science of nutrition e.g. carbohydrates, fats, protein, fiber, water and how they all effect weight loss, muscle gain, digestion, training and overall health.
  • How to train safely and effectively and understanding how different styles of training affect the body and your results.  We also do a section on the core and plateaus.
  • Daily physical exercise and training sessions including games, boxing, body weight strength, core, stretching, massage, cardiovascular etc.
No previous experience is required and we cater to all fitness levels.  All you need to do is complete the exercise questionnaire so we can ensure your safety and gain the most value from the weekend.
After the weekend our intention is that all participants will have the knowledge, information and education they need to start moving toward a healthier and happier lifestyle.
There is no other program like this anywhere in the world that combines training, nutrition, and mindset with scientific research, information, daily physical training sessions, workshops and transformational activities quite like this.
From our students...
I gained direction for my life.
I got the knowledge to 'break the cycle'.
A better understanding of myself.
A better understanding of what 'I' want.
I leaned how to make food and exercise fun.
I gained a better understanding of food and food composition.
I got the tools I needed to balance my life, take control and create sustainable motivation.
I learned safe and effective training techniques.
The dates for the program are February 28th to March 2nd. Friday 9 am - Sunday 5 pm.
We stay on site and all food and accommodation is included in the tuition along with student USB manual with all the information, training session and workshops we do over the weekend.
The tuition is $1295.
Flexible payment plan is also available and can custom made to suit you and your finances.
Call Maggie-Laurie on 0415 371 587 to enrol for the NEXT PROGRAM.


“Maggie-Laurie Watts and Sheer Transformations don’t just transform bodies – they transform lives.  With Maggie-Laurie’s visionary and selfless commitment to transforming people’s lives through health and fitness translates into a motivating, supportive and devoted environment.   Mags helped me to regain my body with my physical fitness far exceeding that which I have ever expected and re-prioritised my life for greater fulfilment.  To skimp on your training schedule, or give less than your all, would somehow seem a betrayal on oneself and a compromise of the active and fulfilling life you could possibly have”. Sheer Transformations Member

Call Our Friendly Team Today
0415 371 587 or 07 3361 7967

The Sheer Transformation Difference

Sheer Transformations is a safe space and a family of new friends working on
personal challenges and creating positive results in their life everyday through health,
fitness, education and personal growth.

With us, it’s not just fitness it’s personal!


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